Mapa Tools has manufactured excellent quality products over the last 35 years. We are proud of the quality we have delivered over the years which shows in the confidence entrusted in us by our clients.

Grinding Machines

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We make quality grinding machines since the last thirty years in various categories. We have manufactured machines right from small 1 HP bench models to large 10 HP Foundry Grinders. Having supplied hundreds of machines over the years the durability of these machines has been proven on shop floors all over India.

This is a 3 HP Double Ended Pedestal Grinder ( Grinding Machine ). It has protective wheel flanges, adjustable tool rests and is available with operator eye shields and its own machine lamp. It comes in two varieties – single speed and double speed. The shaft is belt driven. Special heavy duty bearings and excellent construction ensures the durability of the machines.

Simple, light weight and durable everyday grinders with 1 HP motors are available with similar features like wheel flanges, perpex eye shields and adjustable tool rests.

Lapping Machines


Lapping Machine, Die Polishing Machine, Die Polish Machine, High-Speed Utility Head, Rotating Chuck,

We manufacture High Speed Lapping Machines highly effective and extensively used for lapping of Wire Drawing Dies, Extrusion Dies & Moulds, offered with Three Jaw Self Centering Chuck or Circular Magnetic Chuck or Collet Chuck attachment to execute various types of Lapping, Polishing or even Deburring operations. This excellent special purpose machines comes with lots of options like a Variable Frequency Drive or Two Speed Motor which gives the user complete control over the rotational speed of the chuck, and also hollow spindle and back light can be provided if needed.

Carbide Tools


We make special carbide tipped tools and cutters. Special dove tailed tools are also developed for specific applications like grooving. Profile grinded tools are special because of their high accuracy and very low tolerance. Tolerances of the range of 5 – 10 microns are achieved and delivered to clients who require such accurate tools.

We make a variety of tools for our customers including cutters, turning tools, profile form tools, reamers, spot face cutters, counter-bores, boring tools, threading tools and any kinds of non standard tools as per customer’s drawing and/or specifications. Standard tools as per ISO / SMS / BSS standards are available. Our standard manufacturing range consists of Brazed Carbide Tools ( Cemented Carbide Tools ) , Solid Carbide Tools and High Speed Steel (HSS) Tools in all configurations.